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Health Insurance for Chile

Health Insurance for Chile

If you have foreign medical insurance that reimburses your medical bills, tell your doctor that you have cobertura particular (individual coverage). You will have to pay for your appointment and present your receipt to your medical insurance company.

Local medical insurance carriers are known as ISAPREs (Institucio'n de Salud Previsional). ISAPREs offer plans that vary depending upon your income. In general, an ISAPRE pays 60-80 percent of outpatient visits, specialists and lab tests, 80-100 percent of maternity expenses and 70-90 percent of hospitalizations, surgeries and medications.

If your doctor accepts your ISAPRE, you can save money by purchasing bonos ahead of time. Purchase bonos at the ISAPRE’s office and then use them to pay for your medical bill.

If you visit a doctor who does not accept your ISAPRE, pay for your bill as cobertura particular and then go to your ISAPRE office for reimbursement. Bring your ISAPRE card, your Chilean Identification Card, your receipt and any prescriptions for medications and tests. You have three months to reimburse medical bills. s


* Aetna Salud
Huerfanos 835, Of. 701
Santiago Centro
(2) 707-9000
Metro Station Plaza de Armas
* ConSalud
Avenida 11 de Septiembre 1910
(2) 338-6000, (2) 233-2331
Metro Station Pedro de Valdivia
* Vida Tres
Apoquindo 3001
Las Condes
(2) 240-3300
Fax: 240-3333
Metro Station El Golf
* Cruz Blanca
Morande 325
Santiago Centro
(2) 252-5700
Fax: (2) 252-1286
Metro Station La Moneda

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