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South America

Health Insurance for Chile

If you have foreign medical insurance that reimburses your medical bills, tell your doctor that you have cobertura particular (individual coverage). You will have to pay for your appointment and present your receipt to your medical insurance company.

Local medical insurance carriers are known as ISAPREs (Institucio'n de Salud Previsional). ISAPREs offer plans that vary depending upon your income. In general, an ISAPRE pays 60-80 percent of outpatient visits, specialists and lab tests, 80-100 percent of maternity expenses and 70-90 percent of hospitalizations, surgeries and medications.

Where 50% Annual Returns Are Common

As our Motley Fool Global Gains team prepares for a research trip to South America, we've decided to sit down with some investors who know the region cold. Jose Costa Buck is a Buenos Aires-based analyst for T. Rowe Price Latin America (PRLAX), which has returned more than 53% annually over the past five years -- turning $10,000 into nearly $85,000. We talked with Jose last week about how they've done it, and what American investors need to know before they can do it, too.

Bill Mann: At Global Gains, we are global investors; we go where the values are, and we have done very well in Asia, and we have done very well in Latin America as well. I was wondering if you, as a Latin American specialist, are seeing a lot of values in your region these days?

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