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Health insurance and treatment in the United States of America

Health insurance and treatment in the United States of America

Outpatient treatment in the United States is subject to insurance "managed services". As with institutional care, this implies a preliminary fixed fee for each client respectively clinical diagnosis. There will not razverneshsya, appointing magnitno-yadernuyu resonance therapy (MRT) brain for all patients in the event of headache. On the contrary, only on medical grounds, respectively, approved by the insurance company schemes diagnosis and treatment.

In the United States, medical insurance usually covers the cost of stay in hospital and related expenses. But not all health insurance policy covers outpatient treatment (all depends on the customer and a paid plan). Diagnostic tests, which "fall" of the insurance company approved the scheme, the customer can pay for themselves.

Health insurance and treatment in the United States of AmericaRegarding drug, it is almost always part of the cost of drugs not covered by the insurance company (approx. 10%). In this patient's own costs range from 2 to 15 dollars for each prescription. For those who take several drugs a day, they could be quite a large sum.

Insurance costs for drugs rose sharply in the mid 70-s of the last century. New drugs, the cost of which is high, new dosage forms. Most recently, SARS in China is the nature of the epidemic, and represented a real threat to the entire planet. New disease led to the development of new drugs.

Insurance medicine reimburse the cost of medicines, but many insurance plans provide different amounts for outpatient treatment. Some completely cover the costs of customers, others only 80% of the value of the drug (the remaining 20% will pay the insured himself). The choice of an insurance plan depends on the customer, that determines the value of the policy.


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