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Sales of gift credit cards rise in the United States

Sales of gift credit cards rise in the United States

During the coming holidays in the United States selling gift cards may be increased by 6% and draw up a $ 26.3 billion, as consumers, often saving for their own gifts, believe the map way to win having lost after a devastating holiday season, according to the study published on Tuesday the National Federation retailing (National Retail Federation, NRF).

But the expected 6% rise in sales of such cards is only a weak semblance of last year's boom, when consumers can spend on maps $ 24.8 billion, which is 34.1% more than in 2005, when expenditures amounted to $ 18.5 billion .

Mutual fund giant bullish on Canada

Mutual fund giant bullish on Canada

Fidelity's advice a refreshing change from 'go global'

Ever since the 30% foreign content limit was lifted on pensions and RRSPs, the siren call from Canada's mutual fund industry has been "go global."

But in the two and a half years since the limit was lifted, the Canadian dollar has leapt to multi-decade highs. As a result, those who "went global" from the get-go have suffered currency losses - severe ones in the case of those who "rebalanced" their portfolios from Canada into the United States.

CANADA - Ontario unveils venture capital fund based on Israeli model

After several European states, Ontario is following the Israeli venture capital fund paradigm, Yozma. Yozma has earned worldwide recognition as the creator of the Israeli venture capital industry. Originating from a government program aimed at prompting venture investments in Israel, Yozma I has transformed the domestic landscape of private equity investments. Over a period of three years, the Group established ten drop-down funds, each capitalized with more than $20 million.

Ottawa urged to limit intrusion in foreign investmentOttawa urged to limit intrusion in foreign investment

OTTAWA -- Canada's biggest business lobby group is warning Ottawa to tread lightly as it prepares to toughen up the rules for screening foreign investment in this country.

The Harper government has announced plans to scrutinize foreign acquisitions that might compromise Canada's national interest, including takeovers by state-owned firms that don't operate according to free-market principles but as agents of their governments.

In a new letter to Industry Minister Jim Prentice, however, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is cautioning Ottawa to interfere as little as possible in foreign investment flowing into Canada.

"Intervention should be limited and should not discriminate against, or impede, market-driven foreign investment," Canadian Chamber of Commerce president Perrin Beatty wrote in a Nov. 15 letter to Mr. Prentice.

Health insurance and treatment in the United States of America

Health insurance and treatment in the United States of America

Outpatient treatment in the United States is subject to insurance "managed services". As with institutional care, this implies a preliminary fixed fee for each client respectively clinical diagnosis. There will not razverneshsya, appointing magnitno-yadernuyu resonance therapy (MRT) brain for all patients in the event of headache. On the contrary, only on medical grounds, respectively, approved by the insurance company schemes diagnosis and treatment.

Health insurance in the United States

Health insurance in the United States

In 2000, Americans spent on health care 1 trillion dollars, that is more than 15% of gross domestic product. More Americans spend only on food and shelter.

In the United States, health insurance is almost entirely voluntary and is carried out by employers. Insurance against disease is the most common type of insurance on the job, but employers are not obliged to grant it. Not all American employees receiving such insurance. Yet in most major health insurance companies is almost an indispensable condition, and in 1990 they reached approximately 75% of the population SSHA1.

Voluntary health insurance in the United States of America

About the system of voluntary health insurance in the United States can be talked a long, analyzing all aspects. But Americans themselves, and not until the end understood medical opportunities and facilities undergoing permanent change. Summarizing said, it must be noted that the voluntary medical insurance-American heritage, it could be called the American know-how (know how).

Regarding the voluntary health insurance, the very notion of "voluntary" - a purely American. Europe is developing a different type of insurance, namely compulsory or national (state) medicine, and leaving a niche for the voluntary, but very small.

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