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Stormy seas on markets -- time to buy, sell, hold or jump?

There is no question that for investors right now there is a lot of bad news out there. When we talk about buy, sell or hold we are usually talking about stocks and stock markets. There are other asset classes to consider but let's look at stocks first.

Although they are capable of bouncing back as quickly as they fall, global stock markets have taken quite a tumble in recent days. The following are some of the items of bad news that have been dragging them down: - The now infamous sub-prime market, where mortgage loans to people who could not afford them have led to thousands of foreclosures and falling house prices in the U.S.

The right tool for the developing economies of the Arab world

The right tool for the developing economies of the Arab world

The theory of economic order is hardly developed in Arab economic literature. At best, it is addressed in politics to compare the various economic systems and to derive there from the implications for economic policy. This situation may be ascribed mainly to the fact that Arab states - despite the unifying element constituted by Islam as a religion encompassing all aspects of life - did not have, historically speaking, a homogeneous development, except for the classical era of the Muslim empire which, even itself, was not free from regional and geographical differences. During that era, there developed almost everywhere an economic system based on the free choice of economic actors, though directed, in almost all Arab territorial states, toward trade (bazaar capitalism).


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