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How does the International Finance corporation work

How does the International Finance corporation work

IFC promotes sustainable private sector development in developing countries. We are promoting economic development in particular that encourage the growth of production and the formation of efficient capital markets in member countries.

Our investment in companies and financial institutions in emerging markets creates new jobs, strengthen the economy and lead to increased tax revenues. We are also confident that economic growth can be sustained only if that does not cause damage to the environment and the social sector, and increasing the quality of life of people in the developing world.

In which regions of the world, activities IFC

IFC invests in businesses controlled shares which belong to the private sector in most developing countries in the world. In the 2005 fiscal year, IFC has implemented investments in 236 projects in 67 countries in all developing regions:

Sub-Saharan Africa
East Asia and the Pacific
South Asia
Europe and Central Asia
Latin America and the Caribbean
The Middle East and North Africa

Strategic Priorities IFC

Currently, IFC is providing five strategic priorities in order to ensure the greatest impact of their efforts in the area of sustainable development:

more attention to the markets with a heightened level of risk, particularly in terms of increasing support small and medium-sized enterprises;
establishing long-term partnerships with those companies in developing countries that have become global players;
the use of such advantages as compared with the IFC organizatsiyami-konkurentami as competence in sustainable business;
Removing barriers to private investment in infrastructure, health and education, as well as
the development of domestic financial markets through capacity building and the use of innovative financial products.
For all new investment projects IFC clearly articulates the expected impact on sustainable development, and evaluates the quality of results achieved to the extent the project.

Project finance

IFC offers its customers a broad range of financial products and services, and continues to develop new financial instruments that help companies manage risk and obtain access to the international and domestic capital markets.

Technical assistance and advisory services

IFC offers a wide range of technical and advisory services, which are designed to support private sector development in developing countries.

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