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Insurance in Bulgaria

Insurance in Bulgaria

In times of the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria was far from the leader in Europe. In addressing the problems of population health was granted self. After russsian-turkey War 1877-1878 biennium. in the liberated parts of the country, the organization created to provide medical assistance to refugees, orphans and widows. Russian army collecting funds and distributing aid to affected populations. As in 1882 in Bulgaria Fund was created to ensure the disease and working in connection with the accident.

In 1924 it adopted a law on social insurance, which provided for mandatory health care for working citizens. According to the Law Foundation has provided medical assistance to public welfare, in which 2 / 3 of money making employers and the state, 1 / 3-pay workers. In the future, the Fund has established hospitals and clinics, sanatoriums and pharmacies. The insured is the right choice of doctor and an array of medical services (http://www.histomed.kiev.ua).

After the Second World War began a new stage in the development of health insurance in Bulgaria. A free social steel to provide medical assistance to the family members of the insured, have increased the size of cash sickness and in connection with the accident. Nevertheless, the flourishing of compulsory health insurance in Bulgaria has been the start of his collapse. Foreign policy dictated otherwise. Following the example of "elder brother" medical services in Bulgaria transferred to the control of State.

The crisis, and further disintegration of the socialist camp began 90 years of the twentieth art. reflected in the healthcare industry and Bulgaria. Nevertheless, compulsory health insurance once again been included in the health care system - the law on compulsory health insurance adopted in 1998 (http://www.bizines.dir.bg). Introduction its effect has been the logical conclusion the process of seeking additional funding the health system. The law was a reflection of the general trend common to the countries of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and historical traditions.

At the newly established system of health insurance pinned great hopes. It additional financial security of health care, improving the quality of services through the direct operation of the fund with medical institutions. A single fund health care, the National Health cashier. According to the Law hospitals transferred to private, state and public utility property (communal). Inflow of private capital into the medical care provided an opportunity to receive income from medical practice. Since 2002, out-patient medical care provided by private practitioners or private medical centers (http://www.nhif.bg). Natural competition involves improving the quality of health care.

Like health insurance scheme in Western Europe in Bulgaria general practice doctor works (General Practitioner). He is a private entrepreneur, leases cabinet clinic and is interested in the results of their labor. Patients choose a doctor. Earnings depend on his doctor's skills and the ability to communicate with patients. Insured written to a doctor general practice, which, if necessary, send to a narrow specialist, or to the survey. Sometimes waiting narrow specialist consultation has been delayed because the limited number of free tickets. Dental services are paid for in part by health insurance (only part of the cost of sealing and other services).

Payment of expenses for medical care assumed by the National Health cashier, a part of making a state, community (commune), and insured (of 1% of the minimum wage when you visit the doctor) (http://www.nhif.bg).

In Bulgaria, private insurance companies are operating in the form of voluntary health insurance funds. Their numbers are still negligible and the cost of medical services for the Bulgarian citizen with a high average income. Proposed service health insurance funds include cost of medicines, doctors inspection, survey, treatment at the hospital and stay in the hospital payment in the form of subsistence. The country is developing, replacing the old forms are new. Health insurance is constantly changing in order to achieve better shape.

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