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Health insurance in Poland

Health insurance in Poland

Another country in Eastern Europe drew attention not only a rich cultural heritage. That State is the birthplace of the great composer Frederick Chopin and famous Mary Sklodovskoy-Kyuri which opened polonium and radium. Country, where Nicholas Copernicus was born scholar and a distinguished poet Adam Mickiewicz.

Poland has introduced new laws and restructured healthcare industry. Of the state structure medicine transformed into social security, as confirmed by law. Health-care reform adopted in 1999 (http://www.polska.ru). Financing of mandatory health insurance is effected by the payment of contributions to the Health fund (Kasa Chorych). The insured package is provided free medical care.

In Poland there is a system of "first contact" doctor (physician). The patient has the right to choose a doctor or replacement, after giving reasonable notice to change the hospital cashier. In all cases, treatment and care be compulsory primary therapist visits. Therapist establishes the diagnosis, the need for consultation and narrow specialist surveys. Without direction therapist patient is unable to obtain free advice narrow specialist. If the patient wants to accelerate the process, it can pay for itself and visit the same day to visit a narrow specialist. Request for hospitalization issues a therapist. Hospital cashier pays insured stay in the hospital provides free drugs throughout the period of treatment.

Dental assistance is included in the list of services that pays for hospital cashier. The use of expensive drugs or providing additional services to the insured pays for itself.

Ambulance services for insured free, but citizens of Poland, not abusing this kind of medical service. If the call will be deemed to be unfounded, the insured pays for his own. Ambulance Brigade leave only in cases such as injuries, poisoning, childbirth or the health, life threatening.

In Poland, as doctors practice in the system of compulsory medical insurance, and private. Many, having to leave the Cabinet, first take "free" patients, and then provide paid services. Queue to the doctor sometimes stretched to weeks and the patient has a choice: wait or pay, thereby avoiding expectations and obtaining advice doctor immediately.

Consequently, the same situation can be solved quickly and efficiently by money alone. Therefore, the reform of health care in Poland is of conflicting views. The majority (71%) of citizens feel that the current health care system in the country will not "suitable", only 24% say that the health system operates "well", 5% had no opinion. These are the results of a survey conducted by the Polish public opinion research center (http://www.polska.ru).

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