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Health insurance in Hungary

Health insurance in Hungary

Hungary, like other countries in Eastern Europe, the emergence of the past, the way the medical system of social insurance to public medicine and vice versa. Before the Second World War, the country adopted the social insurance for non-agricultural workers and free health care for the poor. In the 1972 Constitution enshrines the right to medical assistance to the sick, pensioners and the disabled (http://www.krugosvet.ru). Until 1990, the State controlled social insurance. Financing health proceeded through government grants and contributions on the job.

Health insurance in HungaryIn 1990, Hungary began the transition to Western medicine insurance type. Currently introduced insurance policies for the working citizens, as well as for employers who pay monthly contributions, the amount of which depends on their income.

Thus, the former socialist countries were able to quickly orient and chose social medical insurance. This is due to geographical location (neighborhood with the countries of Western Europe), the desire to free themselves from old patterns and fabric, as well as the traditions and experiences.

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