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Health insurance in Czech Republic

Health insurance in Czech Republic

As brilliant representative of Eastern Europe Czech Republic is also not an exception. Czech Republic: interlocking ancient and rich history, diverse and multifaceted culture and modernity, a country that wishes to the whole better, the new.

There was a path of social health insurance with a private, fee-paying medicine to the public with free medical care, doctors section, the fee for the symbolic drugs. Public Health form substantially affected the quality of medical service, led to shortages of some services and medications, doctors deprived of material incentive.

Health insurance in Czech RepublicNew time-new developments. A new well is the forgotten old. In the Czech Republic returned to the original form of medicine with its attributes intact and private-paying services and the privatization of health facilities. In the country, there is an individual (rather than the family) insurance. Payment of the cost is carried out as follows. Entrepreneurs share of earnings to pay for employees 2 / 3 of insurance premiums paid by employers and 1 / 3-worker. Insurance dead people exercised through budgetary funds. The cost of health insurance depends on the client's age and sex. Maximum contributions set for 68-70 year-olds citizens (http://www.dmg.ru).

In the Czech Republic operates a large number of insurance companies, the insured has the right to choose. The customer fills out the necessary documents and contracts of insurance, a copy of which is sent to the payer main part of the contribution (on the job or in the local administration). The personal involvement of the customer in the signing of the treaty and its self-selected insurer impact on the quality of its work. The insurance company takes into account the wishes and demands of the insured proposals. It could not be otherwise, because the problem does not change the insurance company. Having paid a contribution, the insured is not to worry about the cost of medical services and medicines. All of this assumes the insurance company.

The list of medical services clearly defined. Health insurance is a full and comprehensive, including almost all types of health care, except for cosmetic operations, and part of dental service. The cost of medicines regime formula with the group and outpatient hospital also pays for the insurance company.

In the Czech Republic operates point evaluation of health services. Value scores are united across the country, but changing periodically. With the high cost of some of the operations part of a customer pays extra amount. However, the amount of surcharge low and does not exceed a few percent of the cost of services.

Outpatient assistance in the Czech Republic mainly provided by private practitioners. Initially, the State has provided soft loans for those who wish to engage in private practice than doctors have been quick to take advantage. The insurance company enters into a contract on cooperation with the doctors on the provision of medical services.

Static continue to provide assistance in public hospitals. To date, there is a difference in the amount of the salaries of doctors providing outpatient care and hospital doctors. It should also be noted that all departmental medical facilities with the introduction of social insurance abolished. General rules for health insurance extended to "servants of the people".

Under the new circumstances, the doctor's medical equipment has improved classrooms, and emerged a modern laboratory diagnostic equipment, pharmacies, appeared to drugs that had previously been inaccessible. There are seminars at which Czech doctors are studying medical science achievements, perenimayut experience. The Governments of the countries of Western Europe and the United States provide Grants for research and scientific work in the Czech Republic.

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