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Common European Insurance Card

Common European Insurance Card

Currently, the countries of the European Union (EU) has various health insurance system. The introduction of a single European health insurance card will simplify the procedure for obtaining medical assistance if needed during their stay in any EU country.

Previously, people visiting the country temporarily EU, in order to obtain medical services had to fill a variety of forms. With the introduction of a single card, it shall be significantly accelerate the simplification and, as the card will progressively replace the following forms: E111 and E111V (for tourists), E110 (for the international transport), E128 (for students, workers), E119 (for the unemployed and those who are looking for work). In particular, a new electronic card will replace the medical form E111, providing emergency medical assistance visiting EU member countries. Countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway have already introduced the card to June 1, 2004 The rest of the EU should join them over the next year and a half (until December 31 , 2005). Until that time it would continue the so-called transitional period, during which will operate form E111.

Common European Insurance CardThe meeting European Council, which was held March 26, 2004 in Brussels, the benefits have been demonstrated to the whole introduction of the single EU health insurance card that guarantees health care to its owner in any country. Using the card will allow Europeans wishing to receive, if necessary, medical assistance during travel to other countries to avoid filling a variety of forms before and after receiving medical services outside their country. E-card guarantees faster reimbursement to health care insurance company directly on the ground or soon to return home.

In the leaflet provides information on the owner (name, identification number), the duration of the individual and unique number to avoid falsifikatov. Pan-European health insurance card is not a substitute for operating in different countries of the EU health insurance and contains no medical data on the owner. It is an individual, that is, each family member should have their card. Its use does not include those cases where the owner visits another country for the purpose of obtaining treatment planning. If you lose the card issuing social security agency to replace the temporary certificate under the model of the host country. It is used for the same purpose, and that card, and operates only during the stay in the country.

President of the European Commission Romano Prodi said: "One health insurance card is another piece of Europe in your pocket. Millions of Europeans, visitors annually to the EU, to relax, to learn, to engage in business, to discover that, while abroad, much easier to get medical care. "

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