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PM: Health insurance umbrella to cover all citizens of Egypt

PM: Health insurance umbrella to cover all citizens of Egypt

Prime Minister of Egypt Dr. Ahmed Nazif said the new health insurance system should be expanded to cover all citizens regardless of their incomes or the value of subscriptions.

He said the social solidarity system will assist the poor categories which are incapable of joining the new health insurance system to get the services which are enjoyed by all citizens in all governorates.

Dr. Magdy Radi, the cabinet spokesman said Dr. Nazif reviewed at his meeting with Dr Hatem Al-Gabali, the Minister of Health on Saturday 6/10/2007 a number of guidelines for developing the health insurance sector including the setting up of a new organizational and administrative body for developing health insurance services with the aim of maintaining separation between the financing, providing services and developing the insurance subscription rates to cover all citizens regardless of their place of residence or income.

He said high level committees are currently drafting the general framework of the new health insurance system in a way that secures the deepening of commitment to these guidelines and working for developing the specialized medical centres and hospitals as well as training employees in the medical and therapeutic fields.

He said this draft will be raised before trade unions and NGOs.

The cabinet spokesman said Dr. Gabali has stressed the need for developing more than 1000 rural medical units during the coming three years.

The minister of health said the development of these units represents an important factor for providing distinctive services to citizens in all governorates and will ease down burdens on hospitals which are in charge of providing developed health care.

The minister of health said first aid and emergency services will be developed adding sums would be assigned for this purpose from the selling of unexploited land in order to secure distinctive covering of all governorates and training cadres in all medical fields.

The cabinet spokesman said the report of the minister of health asserted that the development programme emanates from the presidential electoral platform which aims at promoting initial health care and developing health services for all citizens.

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