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Central Bank of Nigeria, Brief History

Central Banks worldwide simply refer to a central monetary authority or an apex financial institution within the entire financial structure promoting monetary stability and a sound financial system. The world of Central Banking is one of a variety of structures, functions and powers, which are in themselves by-product of the economic, political and other realities prevailing in a society.

PM: Health insurance umbrella to cover all citizens of Egypt

Prime Minister of Egypt Dr. Ahmed Nazif said the new health insurance system should be expanded to cover all citizens regardless of their incomes or the value of subscriptions.

Role of Insurance in cybersecurity in Nigera

Being the text of a speech delivered by Chief O.E. Chukwulozie (Commissioner for Insurance, National Insurance Commission – “NAICOM”) at the Opening Ceremony of the Cybersecurity Forum for the Financial Services Sector held at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja on March 2 2005.

Rwanda: Govts Urged to Support Insurance Industry

Rwanda: Govts Urged to Support Insurance Industry

Finance and Economic Planning minister James Musoni has called upon African governments to support the insurance industry grow saying it's vital in the economy. "In the world full of uncertainties, individuals, businesses and institutions succeed by taking risks. Since many risks can be insured, the insurance industry actively supports successful endeavours, businesses, and institutions in public as well as in the private sector," he said.

Chinese Investments Are Taking the Lead in Africa

Chinese Investments Are Taking the Lead in Africa

Business and political leaders are meeting this week in the South African city of Cape Town to seek ways to boost American investment in Africa. But summit delegates have heard that it is often China, and not America, that is taking the lead. For VOA, Terry FitzPatrick reports.

The Chinese are latecomers to Africa, but in recent years they have tripled their African investments to a total of nearly $12 billion. Princeton Lyman of the Council on Foreign Relations says 800 Chinese companies are operating in Africa.

Chinese Investments Are Taking the Lead in Africa

SA not doing enough to lure foreign funds

South Africans are buying property abroad, but not many foreigners are investing here. South Africa is missing out on investments because of high interest rates, legislation and crime perceptions. A recent global survey of 15 markets conducted by DTZ JP Morgan Asset Management found South Africa only attracted 0.2 percent of global invested stock worth 10-billion (R67-billion).

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