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Sales of gift credit cards rise in the United States

Sales of gift credit cards rise in the United States

During the coming holidays in the United States selling gift cards may be increased by 6% and draw up a $ 26.3 billion, as consumers, often saving for their own gifts, believe the map way to win having lost after a devastating holiday season, according to the study published on Tuesday the National Federation retailing (National Retail Federation, NRF).

But the expected 6% rise in sales of such cards is only a weak semblance of last year's boom, when consumers can spend on maps $ 24.8 billion, which is 34.1% more than in 2005, when expenditures amounted to $ 18.5 billion .

Mutual fund giant bullish on Canada

Mutual fund giant bullish on Canada

Fidelity's advice a refreshing change from 'go global'

Ever since the 30% foreign content limit was lifted on pensions and RRSPs, the siren call from Canada's mutual fund industry has been "go global."

But in the two and a half years since the limit was lifted, the Canadian dollar has leapt to multi-decade highs. As a result, those who "went global" from the get-go have suffered currency losses - severe ones in the case of those who "rebalanced" their portfolios from Canada into the United States.

CANADA - Ontario unveils venture capital fund based on Israeli model

After several European states, Ontario is following the Israeli venture capital fund paradigm, Yozma. Yozma has earned worldwide recognition as the creator of the Israeli venture capital industry. Originating from a government program aimed at prompting venture investments in Israel, Yozma I has transformed the domestic landscape of private equity investments. Over a period of three years, the Group established ten drop-down funds, each capitalized with more than $20 million.

Ottawa urged to limit intrusion in foreign investmentOttawa urged to limit intrusion in foreign investment

OTTAWA -- Canada's biggest business lobby group is warning Ottawa to tread lightly as it prepares to toughen up the rules for screening foreign investment in this country.

The Harper government has announced plans to scrutinize foreign acquisitions that might compromise Canada's national interest, including takeovers by state-owned firms that don't operate according to free-market principles but as agents of their governments.

In a new letter to Industry Minister Jim Prentice, however, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is cautioning Ottawa to interfere as little as possible in foreign investment flowing into Canada.

"Intervention should be limited and should not discriminate against, or impede, market-driven foreign investment," Canadian Chamber of Commerce president Perrin Beatty wrote in a Nov. 15 letter to Mr. Prentice.

Health insurance and treatment in the United States of America

Health insurance and treatment in the United States of America

Outpatient treatment in the United States is subject to insurance "managed services". As with institutional care, this implies a preliminary fixed fee for each client respectively clinical diagnosis. There will not razverneshsya, appointing magnitno-yadernuyu resonance therapy (MRT) brain for all patients in the event of headache. On the contrary, only on medical grounds, respectively, approved by the insurance company schemes diagnosis and treatment.

Health insurance in the United States

Health insurance in the United States

In 2000, Americans spent on health care 1 trillion dollars, that is more than 15% of gross domestic product. More Americans spend only on food and shelter.

In the United States, health insurance is almost entirely voluntary and is carried out by employers. Insurance against disease is the most common type of insurance on the job, but employers are not obliged to grant it. Not all American employees receiving such insurance. Yet in most major health insurance companies is almost an indispensable condition, and in 1990 they reached approximately 75% of the population SSHA1.

Voluntary health insurance in the United States of America

About the system of voluntary health insurance in the United States can be talked a long, analyzing all aspects. But Americans themselves, and not until the end understood medical opportunities and facilities undergoing permanent change. Summarizing said, it must be noted that the voluntary medical insurance-American heritage, it could be called the American know-how (know how).

Regarding the voluntary health insurance, the very notion of "voluntary" - a purely American. Europe is developing a different type of insurance, namely compulsory or national (state) medicine, and leaving a niche for the voluntary, but very small.

Equity markets in Europe

Equity markets in Europe

Turning to equity markets, structural developments of most interest relate to the infrastructure of stock exchanges on the one hand and equity derivative exchanges on the other. First, within the euro area, equity investment and trading activities appear to be less and less influenced by country-specific factors and increasingly subject to area-wide considerations.

Banking system of Europe

In the field of banking, the securitisation trend appears to demand strategic and organisational adjustment on the part of banks. The relative importance of the more traditional types of banking activity can be seen to be decreasing, even though it should be mentioned that traditional banking activities have nonetheless continued to grow at a rate exceeding that of growth of nominal GDP. In the euro area, growth in recent years has been much more rapid in assets under the management of mutual funds and other institutional investors than in the assets of banks. This reflects a tendency towards decreasing the relative weight of bank deposits compared with securities in financial wealth.

Common European Insurance Card

Common European Insurance Card

Currently, the countries of the European Union (EU) has various health insurance system. The introduction of a single European health insurance card will simplify the procedure for obtaining medical assistance if needed during their stay in any EU country.

Health insurance in Czech Republic

Health insurance in Czech Republic

As brilliant representative of Eastern Europe Czech Republic is also not an exception. Czech Republic: interlocking ancient and rich history, diverse and multifaceted culture and modernity, a country that wishes to the whole better, the new. There was a path of social health insurance with a private, fee-paying medicine to the public with free medical care, doctors section, the fee for the symbolic drugs. Public Health form substantially affected the quality of medical service, led to shortages of some services and medications, doctors deprived of material incentive.

Health insurance in Hungary

Health insurance in Hungary

Hungary, like other countries in Eastern Europe, the emergence of the past, the way the medical system of social insurance to public medicine and vice versa. Before the Second World War, the country adopted the social insurance for non-agricultural workers and free health care for the poor. In the 1972 Constitution enshrines the right to medical assistance to the sick, pensioners and the disabled (http://www.krugosvet.ru).

Health insurance in Poland

Another country in Eastern Europe drew attention not only a rich cultural heritage. That State is the birthplace of the great composer Frederick Chopin and famous Mary Sklodovskoy-Kyuri which opened polonium and radium. Country, where Nicholas Copernicus was born scholar and a distinguished poet Adam Mickiewicz. Poland has introduced new laws and restructured healthcare industry. Of the state structure medicine transformed into social security, as confirmed by law. Health-care reform adopted in 1999 (http://www.polska.ru). Financing of mandatory health insurance is effected by the payment of contributions to the Health fund (Kasa Chorych). The insured package is provided free medical care.

Insurance in Bulgaria

In times of the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria was far from the leader in Europe. In addressing the problems of population health was granted self. After russsian-turkey War 1877-1878 biennium. in the liberated parts of the country, the organization created to provide medical assistance to refugees, orphans and widows. Russian army collecting funds and distributing aid to affected populations. As in 1882 in Bulgaria Fund was created to ensure the disease and working in connection with the accident.

Bubble concerns grow; pressure increases for more economic cooling

China's scorching factory investment a 'worry'
Bubble concerns grow; pressure increases for more economic cooling

HONG KONG (MarketWatch) -- China's investment in factories, land and other assets in urban areas surged 27% in the first 10 months of the year, adding to concerns of a looming bubble in industrial spending and raising pressure on the government to rein in investment.
Investment in fixed urban assets totaled 8.9 trillion yuan ($1.2 trillion) in the January to October period, the statistics bureau reported on Friday.
The data cap a busy week of October statistics that showed surging retail spending, robust industrial production and inflation nudging 11-year highs.

Economists said Friday's scorching factory-investment figures raised concerns the economy could be heading for a deflationary bust if external demand fails to soak up the capacity due to come online over the next few years.

Chinese Investments Are Taking the Lead in Africa

New India coins

The Reserve Bank of India will issue commemorative coins on the 150 th anniversary of the First War of Independence

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has indicated that it will soon issue a new appeal for memorable coin denomination 5 rupees on the 150 th anniversary of the First War of Independence, which is marked this year.
The reverse side FMIN coins will be decorated with portraits of historical figures who played a crucial role in this war, the report said the bank.

China issues new rule on pension insurance business

China's first rule on pension insurance business, the Regulations on Pension Insurance Business of Insurance Companies, will take effect as of January 1, 2008, announced China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) Monday. The new rule makes regulations on the operation activities of pension insurance business in the aspects of operation entity, management of pension insurance product and operation and enterprise annuity management business.

Malaysia Wants A More Competitive Asean Insurance Industry

Malaysia wants all the players in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) insurance industry to increase their competitiveness as a region in order to retain a greater share in the insurance business.

Bank Negara Malaysia Deputy Governor, Datuk Mohd Razif Abdul Kadir said there was a great potential for the Asean players to retain a greater share of the insurance business particularly in reinsurance and underwriting of large, specialised risk which traditionally flows out of the region, he said.

Vietnam insurance market grows drastically

Viet Nam’s one-year membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) was marked with the beyond-expectation growth by the fledgling insurance industry, Viet Nam Insurance Association General Secretary Phung Dac Loc said.

He said the sector registered a 31 percent increase, or five-year high, in non-life premium revenue of almost 6 trillion VND in the first nine months of 2007. Life premium revenues also recorded a three-year high with a growth rate of over 10 percent.

Central Bank of Nigeria, Brief History

Central Banks worldwide simply refer to a central monetary authority or an apex financial institution within the entire financial structure promoting monetary stability and a sound financial system. The world of Central Banking is one of a variety of structures, functions and powers, which are in themselves by-product of the economic, political and other realities prevailing in a society.

PM: Health insurance umbrella to cover all citizens of Egypt

Prime Minister of Egypt Dr. Ahmed Nazif said the new health insurance system should be expanded to cover all citizens regardless of their incomes or the value of subscriptions.

Role of Insurance in cybersecurity in Nigera

Being the text of a speech delivered by Chief O.E. Chukwulozie (Commissioner for Insurance, National Insurance Commission – “NAICOM”) at the Opening Ceremony of the Cybersecurity Forum for the Financial Services Sector held at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja on March 2 2005.

Rwanda: Govts Urged to Support Insurance Industry

Rwanda: Govts Urged to Support Insurance Industry

Finance and Economic Planning minister James Musoni has called upon African governments to support the insurance industry grow saying it's vital in the economy. "In the world full of uncertainties, individuals, businesses and institutions succeed by taking risks. Since many risks can be insured, the insurance industry actively supports successful endeavours, businesses, and institutions in public as well as in the private sector," he said.

Chinese Investments Are Taking the Lead in Africa

Chinese Investments Are Taking the Lead in Africa

Business and political leaders are meeting this week in the South African city of Cape Town to seek ways to boost American investment in Africa. But summit delegates have heard that it is often China, and not America, that is taking the lead. For VOA, Terry FitzPatrick reports.

The Chinese are latecomers to Africa, but in recent years they have tripled their African investments to a total of nearly $12 billion. Princeton Lyman of the Council on Foreign Relations says 800 Chinese companies are operating in Africa.

Chinese Investments Are Taking the Lead in Africa

SA not doing enough to lure foreign funds

South Africans are buying property abroad, but not many foreigners are investing here. South Africa is missing out on investments because of high interest rates, legislation and crime perceptions. A recent global survey of 15 markets conducted by DTZ JP Morgan Asset Management found South Africa only attracted 0.2 percent of global invested stock worth 10-billion (R67-billion).

National Australia Bank posts record second-half profit

SYDNEY: National Australia Bank, the biggest in the country, posted a record second-half profit as lending increased in an economy that has entered its sixteenth consecutive year of expansion.

Net income climbed 1.8 percent to 2.44 billion Australian dollars, or $2.26 billion, in the six months ended Sept. 30 from a year earlier, the company said Friday. It also tapped demand for loans in Britain, where it earns almost 20 percent of its profit.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is New Zealand's central bank and has three main functions. At the most basic level, the Reserve Bank ensures that people can buy and sell goods and services using money, instead of having to barter. Part of this involves providing currency. Cash is physically issued to the public by commercial banks, but they in turn must buy their cash from the Reserve Bank.

Health insurance up in Australia

MORE Australians than ever are paying a penalty for failing to take out private health insurance before they turn 30. Figures from the Private Health Insurance Administration Council show more than 44 per cent of Australians have private hospital cover, after rates increased for the ninth consecutive quarter.

But the figures also showed the number of people paying an extra premium for their cover had increased. About 91.5 per cent of those covered have escaped the penalty, while the rest, almost 567,000, are paying a loading.

It's easy being green. Australasia investments

THESE days it's easy being green. Consumers who want to do something to help the environment have many options, such as solar power or water, environmentally-friendly light bulbs, rainwater tanks, or even purchasing some of their home electricity from renewable energy sources.

Investors and superannuation fund members also have a fast-growing list of options to ensure their money helps make the world a better place, or at least does not damage its fragile environment even further. Ethical investments, also known as socially responsible investments, are booming in popularity. The good news for investors is that returns have been as good or better than those provided by traditional investments.

Health Insurance for Chile

If you have foreign medical insurance that reimburses your medical bills, tell your doctor that you have cobertura particular (individual coverage). You will have to pay for your appointment and present your receipt to your medical insurance company.

Local medical insurance carriers are known as ISAPREs (Institucio'n de Salud Previsional). ISAPREs offer plans that vary depending upon your income. In general, an ISAPRE pays 60-80 percent of outpatient visits, specialists and lab tests, 80-100 percent of maternity expenses and 70-90 percent of hospitalizations, surgeries and medications.

Where 50% Annual Returns Are Common

As our Motley Fool Global Gains team prepares for a research trip to South America, we've decided to sit down with some investors who know the region cold. Jose Costa Buck is a Buenos Aires-based analyst for T. Rowe Price Latin America (PRLAX), which has returned more than 53% annually over the past five years -- turning $10,000 into nearly $85,000. We talked with Jose last week about how they've done it, and what American investors need to know before they can do it, too.

Bill Mann: At Global Gains, we are global investors; we go where the values are, and we have done very well in Asia, and we have done very well in Latin America as well. I was wondering if you, as a Latin American specialist, are seeing a lot of values in your region these days?

How does the International Finance corporation work

IFC promotes sustainable private sector development in developing countries. We are promoting economic development in particular that encourage the growth of production and the formation of efficient capital markets in member countries.

Our investment in companies and financial institutions in emerging markets creates new jobs, strengthen the economy and lead to increased tax revenues. We are also confident that economic growth can be sustained only if that does not cause damage to the environment and the social sector, and increasing the quality of life of people in the developing world.

The world market for insurance on the threshold of change

A recent study conducted by IBM indicate that in the next 15 years the global insurance industry expects some radical change. You will see a new set of products, services and business process aimed at creating profits and long-term growth industry.

Thus, according to experts, the new insurance model that focuses on personalization services and active accounting risks significantly facilitate the processing of insurance claims, and reduce the costs of insurance companies, moving the emphasis on the prevention of insurance cases. This model, implying a radical change in the business, will replace used for decades model insurance. Industry usual pattern of interaction with the customer is likely to have already exhausted themselves in the future and not be able to provide long-term benefits. They succeeded give new methods of work organization built on the basis of technologies that are being developed today and will be developed in the future.

Stormy seas on markets -- time to buy, sell, hold or jump?

There is no question that for investors right now there is a lot of bad news out there. When we talk about buy, sell or hold we are usually talking about stocks and stock markets. There are other asset classes to consider but let's look at stocks first.

Although they are capable of bouncing back as quickly as they fall, global stock markets have taken quite a tumble in recent days. The following are some of the items of bad news that have been dragging them down: - The now infamous sub-prime market, where mortgage loans to people who could not afford them have led to thousands of foreclosures and falling house prices in the U.S.

The right tool for the developing economies of the Arab world

The right tool for the developing economies of the Arab world

The theory of economic order is hardly developed in Arab economic literature. At best, it is addressed in politics to compare the various economic systems and to derive there from the implications for economic policy. This situation may be ascribed mainly to the fact that Arab states - despite the unifying element constituted by Islam as a religion encompassing all aspects of life - did not have, historically speaking, a homogeneous development, except for the classical era of the Muslim empire which, even itself, was not free from regional and geographical differences. During that era, there developed almost everywhere an economic system based on the free choice of economic actors, though directed, in almost all Arab territorial states, toward trade (bazaar capitalism).

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